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Effect of Technology in Society

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Licsour Medireck
Professor M. J. Maxwell
Relationship is getting weaker and weaker everyday because of lack of communication. Love doesn’t have value anymore. Things that we usually do to help love grows among two partners, we don’t do them anymore. While we stay connected spiritually by using cell phones to stay in contact with our loves one, we are disconnected socially, physically. In a relationship, the husband and the wife, they are both need each other to be there physically sometime for social time. Let say they have an argument, most of the time they need to sit down and talk for a better result, instead of trying to solve it over the phone or over the internet. Many researches show that people spend more time using the internet than communicating with their loves one. According to Kenneth M. D. “on average, Internet users spend three hours online every day. More than half of the time is spent communicating, 8.7 percent playing games, 6.5 percent surfing and 4.3 percent shopping.”(2005).
"In an influential article, Putnam (1995) documented a broad decline in civic engagement and social participation in the United States over the past 35 years. Citizens vote less, go to church less, discuss government with their neighbors less, are members of fewer voluntary organizations, have fewer dinner parties, and generally get together less for civic and social purposes. Putnam argued that this social disengagement is having major consequences for the social fabric and for individual lives. At the societal level, social disengagement is associated with more corrupt, less efficient government and more crime. When citizens are involved in civic life, their schools run better, their politicians are more responsive, and their streets are safer. At the individual level, social disengagement is associated with poor quality of life and diminished physical and psychological health. When people have more social contact, they are happier and...


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