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Compare and Contrast City and Countryside

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If someone asks me to choose living in city or countryside, it is very difficult to make a decision because each place has each feature.
  The biggest differences between city and countryside can be air and atmosphere. It is evident that urban areas are always polluted and noisy, finding a quite and pleasant place in city is indeed a hard work. On the contrary, we can enjoy fresh air and the peace of rural areas at any time and everywhere.
  Another difference is the pace of life. In the city, life moves very quickly. The roads are always crowded with people and transports, there aren’t any days without congestions especially in the peak hours. City dwellers seem to simultaneously be commuters with many busy and endless works. In countryside, life is much slower, people also tend to be more relaxed. Everyday, they make friend with buffaloes, ploughs, soil picks,… and enjoy their lives in the simplest and also the most interesting way.
  On the other hand, it goes without saying that the standard of living in urban areas exceeds the one in the rural areas. The inhabitants in city have many choices to select, from schools,   hospitals to restaurants, transports. By contrast, people in countryside are deprived of almost everything from medical stations to entertaining places.
  It will be a long time to eliminate the distance of urban and rural areas but we believe one day we will have a place which is not only pure and peaceful like countryside but also adequate and modern like city.


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