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The Death of Ivan Ilych

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Garrett Brown
Erika Bein
English 102
15 March 2010

“The Death of Ivan Ilych”
The main character in this story is Ivan, a hardworking official of sorts.   The story starts at the end as his colleagues hear the news of Ivan’s death.   They seem to care about who will get his position more than their friends funeral. Then it shows family and friends at the funeral service.   Ivan’s wife strikes a conversation with peter, who is a close friend and colleague of Ivan, and she brings up the subject of how she can get the most out of her pension from Ivan’s death.   Tolstoy explains, “She knew how much could be got of the government in consequence of her husband’s death (Tolstoy 43).”   At this point I see that his wife doesn’t love him like she obviously should because all she can think about is money at her husband’s funeral.
      After the first chapter the story actually starts from the beginning from back when Ivan was healthy.   He has a great job and decides to marry his wife.   It almost seems as if he only married her because it would look good to his superiors.   He comes off as the type that puts his work before everything and keeps his personal life from affecting his performance. He is mainly focused on his job and being a part of the higher class of people. He enjoys having this higher social statues and will except nothing less.   He also discovers his new past time which is bridge.
      Ivan doesn’t get promoted for a job he wanted so he looks elsewhere for a better job and when he finds one he also buys a nicer house in another city.   While hanging drapes in the new house he slips off the ladder and hits his head on the window sill. He feels fine for awhile but soon he starts to feel discomfort on his head and a weird taste in his mouth.   During this he and his wife get into arguments a lot.   He finally sees a doctor who tells him he probably has appendicitis.   Still feeling depressed he tries to tell his wife the news but during their conversation his...


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