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Elizabeth Bayolo
Feb 27,2009
The Ideal Friend
The ideal friend is someone who fits these five categories. First off my friend would have to be honest. There is no need to have a friend that you can’t trust. If there is no trust in your friendship that it is not a friendship but rather an acquaintance. An ideal friend also would have to be respectful it is like the saying goes, “treat people they way you want to be treated”. I feel that it is important for friends to respect each other because when there is a respect, they do not put each other down. I believe that it is important for the ideal friend to be understanding because there is no aggression and less fighting in a friend ship with friends understands each other. An ideal friend must be humble; I would think that this is very important because being humble to me means reality. A person that is not humble makes it life seem artificial. But I believe that it is very important for a friend to always be there for you. This is the number one thing that an ideal friend should have. This is because you need to know that you can count on someone to always be there for you.
The Ideal Mother
The ideal mother has to be twodifferent people. My mother would have to be a friend to be aside from being a mother. I believe that this is very important because it is very important to feel for a child to feel comfortable with their mother. They should be able to feel comfortable to talk to their mother about anything, which is why my mother is supposed to be a friend. Later she has to be my mother. It is important to be a mother also because a mother must take the responsibility of a mother for a child. These are the two things that an ideal mother should be.


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