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Geta's Game

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The date was the 26th day in the month of mars, the month seemed appropriate for what was about to happen. About a year ago I was a simple former solider and baker, with a wife and kids and a small little shop. It was a big deal for people that were former soldiers in my town to become gladiators, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had found a slave about four years ago and about 3 years ago I set her free and married her. Me and her settled down in a small house on the outskirts of Pompeii and started our own little bakery.
The day was Martius 26 72, and I had been a gladiator for over a year now. It had been 429 days since I saw my wife, and I was starting to go insane with rage. I was usually a bestiarii but today I was supposed to be in a fight as a Dimachaeri since I was a sword specialist back when I was in the military. They decided to put me in a match versus the famous Scissores Geta; little did they know I was once good friends with Geta. I and Geta fought side by side back in the warring days, he was my general, but also they didn’t know that I was the only person to ever beat Geta in a fight.
The doors opened and the crowd began to cheer. I looked into the middle of the arena and there Geta was standing. As I walked towards him he began recognizing who I was, “Demicuius!!” he yelled. “Geta!!” I yelled with a friendly attitude, as I yelled that a program came falling down from the stands. It read “See the famous Geta and newcomer Demicuius fight against the strongest duo the arena has ever seen “The Nex addo”. This took me by surprise “I was under the impression we were fighting each other” I said to Geta. “I was to “replied Geta “I have heard of them, they ride horses against there on foot opponents usually killing them in the end”. This worried me, at that very moment images of my wife and kids popped into my head. I was scared, very scared, I turned to Geta “Just like the old days huh?” he said to me in a calm tone. The opposing doors opened...


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