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Juvenile Delinquency

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Teenage crime rate is increasing nowadays which gives rise to many social problems.
What are the reasons behind this phenomenon? What possible measures can you think of to solve this problem?

Juvenile delinquency has been arousing social concern all over the world for quite a while now, and numerous techniques have been adapted by various authorities, in order to decrease criminal behaviour among teenagers. These efforts have so far proved futile, as global teenage crime rates remain on the rise in almost inverse proportion to the perpetrators’ age. I would now like to present my point of view as to what causes such behaviour, and what measures could be employed to prevent adolescents and teenagers from committing crimes in the future.

First of all, I believe that the roles of family and proper upbringing cannot be underestimated. In modern societies, family bonds are becoming more and more superficial. Unfortunately, children who are not taken care of with genuine love and affection tend to develop bad emotional habits, and turn out as indifferent to society, as their parents once were towards them. It is therefore up to responsible parents to provide the younger generation with all the necessary attention and create a mutual understanding that will lead to increased sensitivity, should any worrying patterns arise in their children’s behaviour.

Another argument I would like to point out is that of shared responsibility. I have a strong conviction that each time we abstain from taking action in a socially unacceptable situation, we express our consent to it. This sets a bad example for everyone, as well as demoralizes anyone who undertakes such action, which as a result, will go unpunished. We should therefore not only set a good example by engaging in legal and socially accepted behaviour, but also react strongly whenever violence or illegal activities occur in our presence.

To sum up, I don’t believe that there exists a universal solution, or one...


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