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On Hating Piano Lessons

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“On Hating Piano Lessons”
February 4th 2010
Emilie Jenkins
When I was young, I was a lot like Theroux's daughter. I took many different lessons and got involved in different sports, but as quickly as I became interested in a lesson or a sport, I would lose interest and fall in love with something else. I went from ballet, to swimming, to piano, to hip-hop dance, to baseball, to gymnastics, to figure skating and so forth.
My parents allowed me to explore my likes and dislikes throughout my childhood. Today, I play the guitar, take vocal lessons, and compete in vocal competition. Although these are very different from the things I tried as a young child, I finally found my niche.
Although I am grateful that I was able to explore my likes and dislikes, part of me does wish that my parents had me stick to something from a young age because I would be further developed in that skill by today. Although I am very disciplined, maybe I would be even more disciplined if I stuck had to make a choice and stick to it.
In contrast, another part of me is really happy that my parents did not share the same opinion of Theroux's and force me to take a lesson in something I did not love. Maybe they knew that eventually I would find that thing that would make happy enough and that I would love enough to stick with forever, which I did. Eventually I found my niche; guitar and singing.
When I am a parent, I will give my children the same freedom to explore their likes and dislikes. Although forcing them to stick with something they do not enjoy (according to Theroux) will teach them discipline, I would rather my children be able to find their own niche, not one that I decided for them. I want them to explore and find something that they love so much that they want to stick with forever; just like my parents did for me.


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