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The Bible: History May Be Different from Your Story

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The Bible: History May be Different from Your Story
Danny Ononiwu
Sarah Davis
More and more archaeological digs are uncovering tangible evidence that some of the stories in the Bible actually do have a factual basis. Most people are still undecided, as there hasn't been much evidence found supporting that either side of the argument has a strong lead over the other. Previous generations of scholars often linked archaeology very directly with the Bible. They spoke of Biblical Archaeology and saw it as a means of establishing the credibility of the Scripture. The Bible is a historical account, in some areas, because there is
proof. In other aspects, however, to some, the Bible may seem to be just stories.
Archaeologists have done many excavations in the Palestinian area, because this is
where most of the stories in the Bible took place. Many books and inscriptions have been
uncovered providing information on events and people both Israelite and Non-Israelite
alike. Several buildings, pottery, tools, and weapons have revealed what the
daily life of the Palestinians may have been like. Many of the individuals spoken of in the Scripture have been proven to truly exist through artifacts, memoirs, and lineage. With all these findings it is still up to the individual whether they choose to couple these facts with faith and believe the Scriptures. As we progress in time it seems that individuals have begun to take the Word in a less literal manner. There are those who believe in its teachings and morals but believe that the stories have been exaggerated. Like in the case of Jesus of Nazareth, most people do believe he existed, but some see him as part of the Holy Trinity, the Son of God, a prophet, or just a normal man. There are also those theologians who believe that the broad subjects are in fact truths but some of the details are false additions of human scribers.
To each man goes his own interpretation. Family,...


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