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Eating Culture

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The differences between Chinese and Western’s eating habits and etiquette

  As we know, there are too many differences between China and foreign countries, because people have different habits and faiths. For example, today I’ll talk about Dietary Culture. This is a basic.
  Firstly, If you are invited to a male, there are two kinds: one is banquet, another is optional. Men should wear tidy upper outer garment and leather shoes, women should wear suit and high-heel shoes. That is dress codes. But Chinese usually wear Western-style clothes or something which is very simple.
  Secondly, one of the features of Western-style food is: there are a lot of table wares. When we sit down, our eyes will be dazzled. Plate, cups, knife and so on. But the most time in China, people just use chopsticks or spoon. In my opinion, maybe foreigners really attention their etiquette. Chinese don’t care about this.
  Thirdly, the foods are different, too. As we can see in many movies, Western-style food have four or five types: starters, soup, salad, seafood, meat and dessert. The starters are for something distinctive, which is typical, and starters are always salty or acid. Starters like the appetizer in China. And then the soup for stimulate the appetite, too. Fish are the next one. After that, meat is the fourth dish. Like steak or something like that are very familiar. Vegetable, dessert and drink are the last one. My father told me after he came back from Australia,” I am always hungry.” How little the food is! Chinese starters are normally cold dishes. The main course the Chinese people refer to are not dishes, but rice or wheat food like noodle or bun. This might be a major difference between Chinese food culture and western food culture. This difference has been formed due to the different food structure and different food concept. Chinese soup are served after main dishes. This is another difference between Chinese food culture and western food culture. The most typical...


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