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Tint Windows

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English IV
Window Tinting
Tinting windows is starting to turn into a major trend.   It used to just be a thing that younger people did to their cars, but now tinting is being done by all generations.   As you drive down the road it appears that nearly half of the cars have their windows tinted.   Before people get their cars windows tinted they need to know all of the work and stress that goes into tinting windows by professionals.   You also need to know the top reasons to get your automobiles windows tinted.   Plus, one important thing to keep in mind before tinting your windows is the different laws and regulations for South Carolina involving tinted windows.
Tinting windows is a very tedious job.   It takes a little bit of time and a lot of patience.   Many people need to make a choice before tinting their windows: if they want to tint them their selves or just leave it to the professionals.   For the front windows, the first step is taking the door panels off of the cr.   Then, you clean the windows with an alcohol solution, using a razorblade to scrape everything off of the window.   After the windows are properly cleaned, the windows should be measured.   Next, the window film should be cut to fit without any visible gaps.   The protective plastic should be taken off of the film.   The film and window should both be sprayed with water.   After that is done, the film should be placed on the window, making sure there are no visible gaps.   A squeegee should be run across the window and the tint making sure all of the water and air bubbles are off the window.   After a check for lose dirt caught in the tint, the door

panels should be replaced.   For the back windows, the first step is to clean the windows.   After the windows are properly cleaned, the film needs to be cut to fit, making sure there are not any gaps that are visible.   Wax should be placed on the outside of the back window and the window tint film along with the protective coating should be placed down.   A...


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