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David Damico
Video Response “Karate Kid”
In the movie The Karate Kid a young boy Daniel LaRusso finds himself the new boy in the area and being harassed on by local karate thugs. He almost gets beaten by there karate crew a few times but seems to escape until they finally corner him. They exchanged punches but he was out numbered, repeatedly taking blows until he started to pass out. Right as the last punch was thrown Mr. Miyagi a old looking, short man was introduced and saved the day. Mr. Miyagi would now become Daniels coach and friend.
Mr. Miyagi was a motivational coach in many unique ways. How he approached teaching was with simple patience and respect for the sport and the person trying to learn. In the movie he motivated Daniel a hot head tempered young boy. He taught Daniel how to have patience by making him paint fences or wash and wax cars. He knew without Daniel having patience he would never be able to successfully teach him the right practice of karate. When Daniel first was learning karate he felt real down on himself and commented that he was a bad student he almost gave up when Mr Miyagi said Hai - can see. No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do. His motivational style was a teacher and a surrogate father figure. This made him have respect for him like a father he was very motivating. He only addressed Daniel in small conversations that were direct, and short but always to the point. These conversations made Daniel grow and mature into a man with a great look on life.
In this movie in my opinion Mr. Miyagi was a great motivational coach because if u were his student, he never made you feel like you were the underdog. He always had a faith on Daniel and he could just feel it so it let him reach his full potential. He taught him the secret to karate lies in the mind and heart. Not in the hands.


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