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History Homework  

“Explain why the Hungarian rising happened an its consequences”

In this essay I will be explaining why the Hungarian rising happened and all of the consequences that was involved in it.

In 1956, encouraged by Khrushchev's talk of 'destalinisation', the Hungarians tried to break free from Russian control. Joseph Stalin was a very powerful man and he wanted to be the best, to be the best he had to make sure Russia was never touched. From this Khrushchev wanted to get out of Stalin’s group to make sure Russia was never touched. Stalin set up a little thing called a ‘Iron Curtain’ this was an army of countries in front of Russia as such which made sure Stalin would never get killed or over powered by somebody else, this was a imaginary line which made sure if people tried to get to Stalin they would have to get through a force of countries and they just wouldn’t be able to.

The basic cause of the Hungarian revolution was that the Hungarians hated Russian communism:
Hungarians were poor, yet much of the food and industrial goods they produced was sent to Russia, when Russia got this Stalin did not pay for the goods or not what the Hungarians asked for and from that they got very angry with Stalin.
The Hungarians were very patriotic, and they hated Russian control – which included censorship, the vicious secret police (called the AVH after 1948) and Russian control of what the schools taught, The Hungarians were religious, but the Communist Party had banned religion, and put the leader of the Catholic Church in prison, they were very discriminated from this.
When the Communist Party tried to destalinise Hungary, things got out of control.   The Hungarian leader Rakosi asked for permission to arrest 400 trouble-makers, but Khrushchev would not let him.
These were the causes.

The offence that was made was quite big in the Hungarians eyes because they felt as if they had been really offended by Russia.
The main offence made by...


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