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What Does It Mean to Be Religious.

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What does it mean to be religious?
According to Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus the word religious means godly, reverent, faithful, devout, zeal, pious, holy, devoted, scared, and theological. From reading this I believe in order to be truly religious you must have four important contributions’ which I believe are faith, trust, and believe in GOD’s word, and also have a spiritual relationship with him. You’re also living, believing, and not just saying that you’re a Christian, Catholic, and Buddhist whatever you might be. But while doing this you are also telling others of his wonderful works in your life and how great and awesome he has been.
In some other cases religious might mean to others when someone does something out of the ordinary; but someone else might think that’s perfectly fine such as: If someone doesn’t wash their clothes or might not even iron their clothes on Sundays. But on the other hand they smoke, drink and even go clubbing on Sundays that could be religious for someone. Because some people strongly believe that the Sabbath Day is the day that GOD doesn’t want anyone to do any “Hard” labor work? Basically do they do what they choose to do? So in actuality to really be religious means that someone has to do something that have been prone to doing their entire whole life. Which it just come natural to them even if it might seems as if it’s not “Normal” for someone else.


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