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Films Based from the Book of William Golding

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Wake up! Don’t fall asleep just yet, this is your regular boring review this on is different.

Both of these films are based on the book by William Golding. First one known as the black and white version directed by Peter Brook in 1963 and the second version and most recent, directed by Harry Hook, known as the American version made in 1990. These films are based on the same story but still very different.

I think Peter Brooks’s version is a lot truer to the book and Harry Hooks is abit cheesy and byest towards American trying to say there heroes are some kind of superstars. I think Peter Brook has been very by using normal school boys who have never been taught how to act , I think this made it much more realistic, a black background appears on the screen making me think straight away of evil maybe jealousy, a school bell starts ringing this put together with the black background made me think straight away of school boys maybe being evil which was true!, then a cricket scene which puts across of poshness, privileged lifestyle and this is suggested by using a gentleman’s game. Big Ben comes on the screen but its on a slant nearly falling down which made me think of war are havoc.

Peter Brook uses a lot of varied camera shots which he uses very cleverly. For example, using a low shot to look up to the character jack which makes him look big and powerful, the high shots which makes the children look very small and scared maybe intimidated then zooming up towards heaven all of these are very effective on the audience.

Harry Hook hoys you right in the deep end at the start of the film. The camera is circling the boys legs this creates and effect of a vicious animal ready to attack. Harry Hook uses a high and long shot when the children are coming into the Ireland; this made me feel like they were discovering something maybe like America.

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