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Soccer 8

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Football is a sport where two teams with a maximum of 11 simultaneous active players on each team struggles to score the most goals against each other. The game runs on one level, ie. horizontal lawn (though there are indoor versions, like some football clubs have runways of artificial grass). A goal is scored when one team in orderly manner has sent the ball through the team Servizi framework of objectives (or when the other team even has come to do it and so has scored an own goal). The target is a rectangular frame 8 English feet (244 cm) high and 8 English yard (732 cm) wide. The target is formed of two vertical poles, (often called bars) a horizontal line and the lawn below. On the back of the framework of objectives mounted on a network to collecting the ball in scoring.

Football, along with handball far the most popular sporting activities in Denmark. DBU alone organizes 300,000 players by 1618 clubs. Sport has always enjoyed considerable media attention and such terms. Championships and World Cup belongs to the sports events absolute most come with i. With the introduction of professional football is the sport simultaneously become a sports industry with significant economic interests. Audience and hence the economic interests are overwhelmingly focused on men's football.
Sport requires very little equipment. Usually, players use a couple of football boots with studs under the soles and shinguards. In addition, players at a club have a play suit (a pair of shorts, a sweater and socks in the club's color (s)). Train's "right hand", the captain, who is on the pitch must have a piece of cloth around one arm, to mark its position as a state. It is permissible for the goalkeeper to wear gloves. The goalkeeper may take the ball up in the hands of his own goal square.
Using a spherical ball made of leather or a synthetic material with an inflatable rubber bladder inside. The ball's circumference is 68-71 cm...


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