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Evolution Through Natural Selection

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Evolution through Natural Selection
                                                Performance Assessment

Evolution is earth’s natural process to survive. Just like the latest technology, evolution makes the new organism better and stronger han the last model.   The primary source of evolution is through natural selection. All living things can produce offspring but only a few off spring, the strongest, will live and reproduce. The offspring that survive are the organisms that have advantageous traits, traits that better suit their environment. Over a long period of time, organisms that have advantageous traits will dominate a population until the population has changed completely into something different. Darwin’s theory of natural selection is broken down into 4 simple steps: Overproduction, variation, selection, and adaptation. Without natural selection and evolution it would be almost impossible for organisms to survive with the ever changing environment.
The purpose of this lab was to   see how natural selection effects organisms. It also showed the three different kinds of natural selection and illustrated examples of each.
In this lab I hypothesize that depending on the original population account and the extremity in which the different beads are fed upon different cases of natural selection will be illustrated. If the situation is extreme and the number of colored beads goes against the average, then the mode of natural selection will be disruptive selection. If the situation is controlled and the extreme numbers of colored beads balances out to an average, then the natural selection will be stabilizing selection. Finally if the situation causes one color to be more extreme than the others it is directional selection.
In order to complete this lab you need the following materials:
Data tables
Graph paper
Colored beads (6 different colors)
1 Plastic bag
1 Plastic cup
To find out more about natural selection I followed these steps:


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