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Types of Stress

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Richard Carlson says, “Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness”, however after being educated about stress management, I do not agree with him. I believe that stress is not a form of mental illness, and Is not socially acceptable, because there are ways to deal with it, that make it less tedious, intense, and bothersome. There are three types of stress management techniques. They are relaxation, physical activity, and reading/writing/multimedia activity. Moreover, stress can be handled gracefully if the right techniques are known.
The first type of stress management technique is relaxation. Some examples of this are yoga, breathing, meditation, visualization, and imagery. I have used three of these techniques before, breathing, visualization, and imagery. Sometimes when I am stressed out, I take a moment, and visualize what might happen if I continue on the path that I am on, and fix my actions. Other times, I tell myself to take a deep breath, or do breathing exercises.   Lastly, I have pictured a happy memory or place in my head to lighten my mood, which is imagery.   In conclusion, the first type of stress relief technique is relaxation, which I have used on occasion.
The next type of stress reduction technique is physical activity. Some examples of this are basketball, racquet sports, jogging and walking, however there are many more. In fact, almost any physical activity could fit in this category. I have also used this technique before. Sometimes, I will want to get away from people that are stressing me out, and I go on a walk or a bike ride. Other times, my stress level has nothing to do with people, but it feels good to get some fresh air, and have a clear head to reflect on the stressors. In summary, another type of stress relief is physical activity, which I also have experience with.
The last type of stress relief is reading, writing, and multimedia activity. Some examples of this category are books, journaling, and...


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