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Awarness B Period
Sean Thelwell
Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to become more aware. It was something I thought would be relatively easy but it turns out it was pretty difficult. It was hard because there are so many distractions that keep me focused most of the time. To become more aware I had to reduce some of my habits for a while, such as texting constantly, and always having my ipod on when I am walking somewhere. I found that in order to become aware I had to become idle and vigilant. At school being idle isn’t hard at all it just happens. It took me a while to figure it out but then I had an idea. I took my chemistry textbook into my living room after school and started reading it, naturally I stopped paying attention and then I just sat. I started to listen to the sounds of my house. I heard my cousin listening to some music in another language, which I thought was weird, and my aunt telling a co worker something on the phone. About a half hour later my aunt came by and told me the same story, but she changed it a bit to make it sound better. I thought ok minor difference. When my uncle came home the story had completely changed. The next day I while walking to school I didn’t use my ipod and I tried using “wide angle” vision. I learned my neighbor has about 7 dogs that day. Discoveries began to pick up a little more went I got to school. In the morning I sit with my friends until the bell rings for class. Instead of talking allot I watched the people that walked by in the hallway. I saw one freshman about 5 times all he did was walk back and forth on west top. I hoped he was just exercising, and wasn’t just a loner. In math class I usually raise my hand when no one else does just to pass time. I chose to not raise my hand just to see what would happen, we ended up getting two packets of homework and our test being moved up a week. That was the only bad discovery I found. I’m not sure if the next thing I found was a discovery, or if I...


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