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Pyramid Texts

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Pyramid Texts
In the Pyramid Texts, the Egyptians believe that their afterlife will be much like the way modern Christians picture it. In Christianity, heaven is often depicted as being in the clouds, with a golden gate at the entrance. As an angel one will never go hungry, be tired, or be in pain. "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away"(Revelation 21:4). This shows how Christians believe that heaven will be a peaceful paradise for them. As an Egyptian king, the gods themselves will worship Teti, and feasts, beer, and food areplentiful throughout. “…Your father Geb. He rejoices at your coming, Gives you his hands, Kisses you, caresses you”(_A Pyramid Text_, 37).
In order to guarantee eternal life, it is all about pleasing the gods. Throughout their life, an Egyptian must make many animal sacrifices to the gods in order to get their blessing. Priests and kings gave the gods adoration and praise, in hopes of order and control maintained throughout the empire (_Tignor_, 77). Once dead, one must hopethat your fellow peers carried out the funeral and embalming process correctly. It was very meticulous and lasted very long. Organs were removed, the body was wrapped to help prevent decomposition, and jewels and comforts of home were placed in the casket. Once in the afterlife, Osiris, who weighed their heart, would judge them. “…Having given satisfaction to the Weary-Hearted” (_A Coffin Text_, 37). In _The Coffin Text, the speaker describes doing four good deeds, done while within the dangers of the serpent-dragon. This could be closely likened to being tempted by the devil to do bad things. “I repeat to you the good deeds which my own heart did for me within the serpent-coil, in order to silence strife (A Coffin Text, _p38).
If everyone in Egypt was required to adhere to the lifestyle the speaker in _The Negative...


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