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The Storm Theme

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The short story "The Storm," shows that same overall theme, but in a different way. In this story, the protagonist, Calixta, shows her want for freedom and independence by having a sexual affair with a man she had known previously. Calixta cared for her family, and worried when her husband and son were caught in the storm while at the store, she says, "Oh Bobinot! You back! My! but I was uneasy. W'ere you been during the rain? An' Bibi?" (Chopin, "Storm" 98). There is no obvious reason why she would want to have an affair, but she felt there was something missing or unfulfilling in her life. Calixta gets caught up in the moment and the passion and does not seem to feel guilt for what she has done. While this is the way she deals with her want to assert herself, it is certainly not accepted by society at that time, or even today.

The last example of this common theme is The Awakening. This is a controversial novel that Chopin wrote in 1897. This book deals with the protagonist, Edna Pontillier, and her want for freedom. Edna is unhappy with her role as a woman in society. She is part of a typical upper-class family. She is a good wife and mother and does not do much throughout the day because of her affluent background. Events that happen in the book show how Edna's behavior and attitude change because of her situation. In the beginning, she conforms to her role as a woman in society. She takes in callers once a week and stays at home with the family. She has others to clean and do other chores for her. Edna is obviously not happy with this role. One day she goes out swimming by herself at Grand Isle and has an awakening. She decides that she is her own person and that she can do what she wants. Edna wants to be happy, and the only way she can do that is by not conforming to what society


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