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In the Eyes of the Sky

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Marquis Pollard
Period 4
1500 Word Essay
Boom, Boom! Two shots fired around twelve midnight on the step of the victim. People running as if their lives are on the verge of being over as a car spends off down Murder Blvd. Ten minutes later, the people are outside on their porches and you hear a mother screaming, “NOT MY BABY,” as she runs towards the bloody body laying on the sidewalk ten steps away from the door. Sounds of police sirens were rapidly starting to grow louder and louder as a stampede of police cars arrive at the scene. The cops tell the mother, “Ma’am we need you to please back away from the body until we investigate the scene.” As this is going on, the victim’s wife arrives to the scene, hugs his mother and starts to cry as loud as the sirens. “Why my son? Why Lamar?, Says the mother.” His wife, Tracey, answers and says, “Nobody will ever know why,” in a very suspicious way. Just a routine day in the tough streets of Compton, California.
Now that Dev was gone, Lamar has no one to look up to or to be around except his mother. Lamar got caught up with different girls and had got two girls, Yvette and Tamisha, pregnant around the same time and they was best friends but had no clue that they had the same babydad. Three years passed, Lamar meets his grade school crush, Tracey, and they start to talk again. Tracey doesn’t know anything about how Lamar makes his money and that he had two other kids. They fall in love in the span of three months until the day came when Lamar wanted to settle down and marry Tracey. They get married shortly after they fall in love and Lamar wants to have another kid with Tracey. Tracey was born with infertility and she never told Lamar. Lamar wanted kids even though he had already had two by other women that Tracey didn’t know about. Tracey tries to find ways about her inability to have kids so she make reservations at a nice, fancy restaurant so that she could tell him over dinner. They go to the...


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