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Beliefs of Benefit

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A statement of faith is a declaration that expresses the author’s true beliefs. Those beliefs may be placed in religion, or something else, such as music, politics, or consumerism. Some examples of statements of faith are “Music as a Safe Haven,” “Why I Went Into The Woods,” and “The Story of Stuff.” In an effective statement of faith, the author is invested in what the faith is put in, has a better life for it, and has something that the general population doesn’t.
In an effective statement of faith, the writer describes something that has enhanced their life. If something, such as politics or religion, has had a profound impact on one’s life, it has earned their faith. It must also be a beneficial impact, because to make a statement of faith is to declare something valuable and trusted.
Another element of an effective statement of faith is that it is something that the author has invested in. After all, if something has profoundly impacted the author’s life, it is likely that they have changed their life because of it. By writing the statement of faith, the author is sharing their knowledge that something has changed their life and that it is worth it.
The third element of a statement of faith is that it is not something mundane. In the average person’s day-to-day life, it is not common for them to be familiar with the level at which the author writes describes whatever they have faith in. The subject of the statement of faith is distinctive, and provides a unique perspective. If everybody in America does something everyday, it is not worth putting extra faith in because it is expected.
“Music as a Safe Haven,” “Why I Went Into The Woods,” and “The Story of Stuff” are all good examples of effective statements of faith. All three are descriptions of things that have had a huge impact on the author’s life. For Thoreau, simple living has made life better. In “Music as a Safe Haven,” Etheridge describes music as “the one thing that did keep me safe” as well...


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