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School Uniforms in Schools

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English Language

Jerome Thompson

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Topic: “School uniforms should be worn to schools”

Thesis- School uniforms are a sign of identification to which school students attend. I don’t believe students should wear informal cloths to school. When they act out in a bad manner in public, people would not know which school they attend to make a complaint to the school on their students’ behavior on the road. Whenever students rob other students from other schools the police would know where to go and get them.

When students get a choice to wear informal cloths to school they go overboard with it wearing clothes that are not suitable to wear to school. When students wear those informal cloths they act in any manner they choose, disrespecting other students and teachers.

Every school should have a specific uniform with the school’s color so that students can be easily indentified and a report can be made to the school about the child’s behavior and the student can severely punished. Students can be placed in another uniform outside of the other students wear to make the be aware of the consequences that will face them if they disgrace the school in public.

Facts have shown that students in uniform act sometimes in a good manner in respect of their uniforms and their school to good name to the schools’ name. students should wear uniform to their respective schools’ and if they disgrace their school or behave in any manner that is not accepted from students they will face if they behave like that so the attitude towards their uniform will change forcing them to behave in   a good manner in public.


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