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City or Country Living

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City or Country Living
Melody Miller
ENG 121
Denise Ward
Life is a learning experience and it can also be like that when you are deciding where to live. If you were born and raised in the city could you imagine living anywhere else? Or say that you were born and raised in the country and someone asked you what it is that you like about country living. How would you reply?
If you have school age children and are looking for quality education then you have to decide, do you want too home school them, send them to private or public school. The choices are the same for both country and city except for one exception. The size of the schools for country and city are quite different. Country schools are smaller and have fewer students in the classrooms, which can lead to better one on one individual help for the student. City schools are larger and sometimes get better school budgets then the smaller country schools. It just depends what you are looking for.
Some people think that if you live in the country that there is nothing to do. I know that it may seem very boring to people that have never experienced much of the country. As for the entertainment aspect of country living there is plenty to do. There are barn dances, where as in the city you go to dance clubs. There are country festivals whereas the city has county and state fairs.There are caves, historical sites to explore, and trails to hike in the country, whereas in the city you have museums, art galleries, and parks to go too. There’s singing around bonfires, whereas in the city you go to concerts and operas. People enjoy cookouts and picnics in the country and they go out to eat in restaurants if they live in the city.


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