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"your generosity is your fortune." - Dstny_roman


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-"There's at least something good in a bad person and there is also bad in every good person"-

How would you say so? Simple, straightforward and understood! In my experience, i make myself believe in the saying above. I tend to accept people easily. Just by being nice and friendly, she or he is a friend. When one be extra nice and extra care, they'll get extra extra more. I care for my friends and others too. No harm being nice right?..so, why not...Then you'll have more friends all around you....


We know these terms but to have and to hold is not as easy as I thought it would be..One can be nice but not that nice..How and why?..Well, I believe most have actually encounter such situation. Everyone has their own stories to tell. Eventually, these stories are the ones help you to grow up and beware of what future may be. It has written but God meant to teach us. I have learnt a lot, still learning and still, there are more to learn...and this is just a chapter.

While you have one, APPRECIATE them...I have ONE who used to be around but our life is not written the same way..I have ONE who walked away before but has return.Alhamdulillah!..I have ONE who walked away for good..I have ONE who ALWAYS be there for me when I'm in need, whom also careless when I'm not...I have ONE who support me endlessly...I have ONE who careless about what I do..(oh,still friend tho)..I have ONE who appreciate me very very much....sadly...I have ONE who does not appreciate me at all.....I have ONE who loves me soo much..(I love you too)..I have ONE who hates me..ooops...and the list goes on.....

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART..to each and everyone of YOU!!!
You see....like,love,hate,adore...these feelings come and go...why?..A person can't be that perfect...at times, we tend to hurt someone by realizing it or not. I'm not perfect..obviously...well, i do hurt some and i left some and i love some...so, in...


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