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A Doll's House-Opinion Paper

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“You and I both would have to transform ourselves to the point that- Oh Torvald, I’ve stopped believing in miracles…that our living together could be a true marriage.” A very dramatic ending to the play, “A Doll’s House” written by Henrik Ibsen in 1879. This play is based on Ibsen’s opinion toward the roles of society in those times and how the female gender was treated. In the play, you are able to apprehend Ibsen’s belief about the roles of society, equality, and feminism. The central issue is clearly spoken throughout the entire play, with numerous hints about how Ibsen really felt towards the segregation of women.
In the beginning of the play, Ibsen characterized the roles of society appropriately. Nora is the perfect, obedient wife, just as women were during those times, and her husband Torvald was the man who manipulate Nora. To many, Nora was the “Ideal Wife.“ Torvald was able to control what Nora wore, said, and even ate. Nora had to ask if she could speak of something and she wasn’t able to give an opinion towards anything of great importance. On one instance during the play, Helmer questions Nora about what she has been snacking on, as a   father would his child; “Surely my sweet tooth hasn’t been running a riot in town today, has she?” Shockingly, Nora replies, “You know I could never think of going against you.”   That illustrates how a man could manipulate the woman in their lives, and not seeing it as a problem. In those days, Society believed woman were incapable of handling themselves. So they concluded that men were the only ones who had the intelligence in the marriage to do so.
More into the play, Ibsen illustrates that we as humans have a mind and we have the ability to use it on our own, without the permission or approval of anyone else. When Nora’s long time friend Kristine, a widow and independent woman, showed up at her home for a visit, Nora was excited and very eager to speak of her life. She told Kristine that Torvald was being made...


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