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Collin Thompson
  Prater 2
  The Intervention
  Greg’s eyes began to open as he rustled in his bed. He looked around to see his dad sitting in the corner of the room asleep.
  A doctor walked through the door and stood next to Greg.
  “What happened? Where am I?” asked Greg.
  The doctor was silent while she checked the seventeen year old’s vitals on a small machine sitting next to him.
  “You’re in Seattle Central Hospital. And you just woke up from a severe concussion,” said the doctor.
  Greg sat up trying to recall the events of the previous night. He remembered going to a party and getting drunk. The rest of the night was mostly a blur until the brutal crash. A thought suddenly came to him, “What about Mark, Sean, and Brian? How are they??”
  Earlier, he faintly recalled a doctor saying they were in the room next to his. Greg’s doctor said a few words to his father which he could not hear and then left the room.
  “Are you ready to leave?” asked Greg’s father.
  Greg looked his watch- three o’ clock. He nodded his head and began to collect his clothes and get dressed to leave. When he was ready, Greg and his dad left the room to return home.
  As they walked down the hall, Greg looked into the room next to his containing three beds.
  “They passed away earlier this morning,” said his father.
  Greg said nothing and the two continued to make their way back home.
  Once they arrived home, Greg went to his backyard to mourn the deaths of his brother and two friends.   To his complete and fantastic surprise, he saw Mark sitting on a log by himself. Overcome by emotion, Greg ran over to talk to him.
  “I thought you had died Mark! What happened?” said Greg.
  “What? I got sent home really early with just a broken arm. Why would you think I’m dead?”
  “Well dad said earlier that that you guys…”
  “No! Sean and Brian? He meant Sean and Brian? Are they…dead?”
  Greg was silent as his brother came to the realization that their two...


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