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Frodo Baggins (Comparision) - Me?

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Frodo Baggins vs. Me

Since Frodo is a Hobbit, he has some special abilities that I lack. For example, he speaks phrases in Elvish and he has the quickness of feet and hiding skills of Hobbits (I’m not at all as speedy as him). Aside from some common survival skills, both I and Frodo are not fighters at all, which makes it seem even more strange that we are both foolishly courageous at times and that our mental strenght is quite strong. I would also say that we are both hardworking and eager to learn. It is also quite evident that Frodo holds a quiet authority over the other Hobbits (his friends; Samwise, Pippin and Merry), and this is yet another similatity.

Frodo is a common enough Hobbit (aside from him being wiser than the others), and I guess I’m a pretty common person as well. We were rascals in our childhoods, and grew into perky enough fellows. Even after the great journey Frodo took, I would say that he still had an outward cheerfulness about him, covering most of the pain he still bore. I think it can be hard to really get to know our true personality, because people like Frodo and I seem to have a tendency to conceal our true selves, we keep our thoughts, burdens and pains to ourselves. At the same time we are outgoing and friendly people, and this contributes to our dualistic, and sometimes hard to understand, personality. Frodo constantly rejects the Ring, so much that one side of him completely despises it while the other desires it. It’s good to keep in mind though, that for those who knew Frodo better, like Sam and Gandalf, he seemed almost translucent with a faint light shining from within.
    There is a Greek word called hupomone, patience, which describes Frodo better than any other words. More than patience, it also means endurance, steadfastness, constancy and perseverance. I would say that this word could be used to describe my good sides as well. At times, Frodo’s hope may falter but not his perseverance (after...


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