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Words Power

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The person who does not respect words and their proper relationship cannot have much respect for ideas - very possibly cannot have ideas at all. – John Simon.

      The inherent power of the word is a phenomenon that has been both omnipresent and essential throughout the long histories of literature, philosophy, religion and politics. The power of words has always been recognized for both its potentially constructive, as well as its devastatingly destructive, force. Whether we speak of the sinister slogans of the Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels or the rabidly dishonest propaganda ministries of now defunct Marxist states, words have been repeatedly used with pointed polemic accuracy throughout the long history of human discourse.

      Words are what carry out the orders to declare war or avoid it, words have destroyed entire empires, words have carried out the act of many murders up till now, words have broken many hearts, words have brought fear to the hearts of those who believed they were fearless and untouchable, words have banished the most fearsome of demons, words have helped make those who were weak become strong again, words have made those with lonely hearts feel loved, words have inspired those who felt loved to make others feel loved too. The worst kind I think are the words that can be ever so subtle and manipulating, they are the ones that can be spoken in the softest of voices in a room crowded with people, they are the words that cause the biggest destruction because ultimately they weren't a lie the only mistake was that nobody else around them could become quiet enough to listen because if they had, the destruction that was brought might never have had to happen. All spoken words are   necessary, while they are adequate & appropriate.

      But why the words should always bring serenity? I really can’t understand that. If the words possess such terrific power, why should the result be so slow? Hypocrisy, slyness and unconsciousness should not...


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