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Street Car

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A Street Car Named Desire Essay.
In this essay I will be exploring and evaluating the way in which Tennessee Williams uses dramatic tension within the play, A Streetcar Names Desire. Dramatic tension is the period within the play where the Tension changes from one level to another. He uses difficult times from his own life, within the play which makes the tension so real and exciting. For example, in his early life, his younger sister Rose, developed a serious case of schizophrenia, which is a mental condition, causing her to be institutionalised, as she was thought to be crazy, and also that she could be dangerous to herself and others around her. Tennessee uses, what that had happened to his sister, to develop certain personalities for characters within the play, such as how Blanche is seen to be crazy because she can hear music, and gun shots in her mind, and also how she can’t stand to be around any sort of bright light, which would be seen as signs of a mental disorder. This connection is important as it shows a connection between two siblings just as it does in the play with Stella and Blanche. Dramatic devise can also be used to make the play more exciting. Tennessee Williams uses such devices as, lighting, emotive music, repetitive motifs & stage direction to create dramatic tension in the play.
The play A Streetcar Named Desire was based in New Orleans, which was involved
with the Civil war- a war between the north and south of America, which could be considered as a main issue within the play as Blanche was from the south and Stanley was from the North. This automatically makes you think that there is going to be major conflict between the two as they both have different ways of life. When Williams was a child he used writing as a way to escape the reality and the real world around him. This could be a reason why Blanche persistently lies throughout the play.
William uses a wide range of themes and motifs in the play. A major theme within the...


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