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Oil Spills

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Pg 1-Title Page
Pg 2--Purpose, Problem, Hypothesis,Variables
Pg 3-Materials, Procedure
Pg 4-Procedure
Pg 5--Procedure (cont)
Pg 6-Diagrams
Pg 7-Diagrams (cont)
Pg 8-Observation Chart
Pg 9-Observation in Words
Pg 10-Graph, Analysis
Pg 15- Pictures
Pg 17-Application
To investigate which one of these methods (i.e. using a skimmer, absorbent, dispersant) is more efficient in removing oil spill from the water.
Which method would be most effective in removing oil spills in water?
  Using vacuum skimmers
      Using absorbents
      Using dispersants
The experimenter hypothesizes that using absorbents will be most efficient in removing oil spills in water.
Independent Variable- the different methods
Dependant Variable- the efficiency of the different methods
  Container for oil and water mixture
      Graduated beaker
      Vegetable oil
      Medicine dropper
      Plastic cup
      Shredded paper towel
      Powdered or liquid detergent
  Make a table for your observations
      Using the graduated cylinder, add 150 ml of water to the containers
      Using the graduated cylinder, measure 20 ml of vegetable     oil. Slowly pour the oil into the first container so that the     surface of the water is covered. Repeat this process for the     other two methods. Clean up the water or oil that you spill
      Your task is to clean up the “oil spill” using a skimmer, sorbents,     and a dispersant. Try to remove as much oil from the surface     of the water as possible. Try not to allow the oil to mix with     the water. Observe which method works most quickly and recovers     the most oil.
        Sorbents- tear your paper towel into pieces. Scatter the     shredded paper towel onto the surface...


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