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Ban of Gambling

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Ban of gambling would make a positive impact on our society

Gambling machines you can see everywhere throughout our nation. You can find them in every pub or in casinos. Even though there is a high level of unemployment, people still find a way how they could possibly win some more money out of their small pensions or wages. And yet they are not realizing that most of the time they don’t bring any extra money home at all. If they win any money or not, this is not important, the core problem lies in their way of thinking.

Gambling doesn’t affect only the people themselves, but their problem influences also the people around them, mostly family and friends. Some may think that gambling problem becomes a problem when the gamblers stop recognizing the boundaries of gambling or lose their control over the game. Others, including me, think that even a thought or an idea of finding another way to “earn” money consider this behavior as a general problem.

In the beginning gamblers might think that they play just for fun, but later they may think that this is the only way to pay their depths, which at the end they will never be able to pay off. People around gamblers suffer the most, because gambling is a time and money consumer. Gamblers are hardly ever searching for help; they think they don’t have any problem. They may start avoiding companionship with other people.

Banning gambling is a first step which will help to change our reputation, but it will also bring responsibility and hard work on those affected. There could be a new foundation that could take care of the affected society. Maybe a group therapy might help and instead of talking about this past problem, they should get them involved in other activities or perhaps teach them to be more creative. With creativity these people with a former problem could earn themselves money much worth their effort and diligence. And last of all it would bring them much more confidence and a great feeling!



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