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Animal Science

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Today a lot of consumer and media interest lie in food production. Food is something every one of us has a relationship to hence foodstuff and their making is a topic of current interest. Cattle’s rearing is one of many factors that have begun to play a bigger role when consumers are selecting beef from the shops’ meat counters. This may well be a result of product diversification and greater investments towards marketing. Many cattle rearers consider several grounds for added values being linked to their products and consumers are becoming more aware of these primary sector related added values. Grounds for added values can be communicated in various ways and doubtless they are perceived on equally many ways given that the feeling of an added value is highly personal. , This study was performed with an attempt to describe which added values the primary manufacturers (farmers) communicate to the consumers, how the communication was done and if the given information was adapted to better agree with the consumer knowledge level. Six different cattle rearers were interviewed about their view on added values and how the values may benefit them. The questionnaire also treated the farmers’ developments against a shorter sale chain – in fact certain stages had been eliminated - and which advantage –if anythis has given them. Private slaughter-house, small scale cutting plant, tenderization technique for premium beef, packaging cutting details at the farm, and sale in farm shop are some examples of what the manufacturers have developed., Results of the interviews points to that the farmers are immensely pleased with having close and direct contacts with the consumers that involves a great deal of communication concerning the rearing. The chosen form of production and which added values it generates and carries is communicated from the farmer point of view but with the consumer opinion in mind. The manufacturers particularly point out the importance of always keeping an...


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