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William Shakespear Biography

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Willian Shakespeare was born around the the 23rd and 25th of April 1564 in Stratford England. It’s thought he was born in the family house on Henley Street although this cannot be certain as his father owned many houses at this time.
In the 16th century there were many Shakespeare families but William didn’t associate with them.
William’s father John Shakespeare was an apprentice glover and tanner of leather, however he proposed a deal in farming. He moved to Stratford and bought a house in 1552 conter-acting he bought more property in 1556. He married Mary Arden the daught of a wealthy man. John and mary were respected members of their community and John was elected mayor in 1568. In 1576 John applied for his Coat of Arms however in conclusion the appliacation was denied due to the fact that John was behind on his taxes. By 1586 he was removed from his position in the Board of Alderman and fined for not attending church.
Although there is no record of William ever attending Stratford Grammar it is believed that this was his place of education due to his father’s possition. At this time William would have learned his ABC’s from a book and studdied religion. Although William wrote beyond his time the was no record of his attending university.
William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 28 1582, however there was many conspiracy theories about this as William had two requests for marriage both to a women named Anne. After they married they moved into John Shakespeare’s house and annoyed the tennant so much so that he took them to court. Due to this, he was released from his lease and moved on.
William and Anne’s first daughter Susanna was christened on May 26 1503. Two years later they had twins named Judith and Hamnet,they were christened on February 22nd 1585. Susanna married a physician named John Hall and had a daughter named Elizabeth who was born on February 21st 1608. Susanna was Williams supposed favourite and was left with all of...


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