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A Comparison and Contrast of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Goldfinger

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A Study on Sherlock Holmes and James Bond

    The Character of James Bond was first created by Ian Fleming in England in 1953. He appeared in twelve novels and two short story collections. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were first written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in England 1892. Sherlock is just as daring as Bond but they are quite different. Holmes' strongest characteristics are intelligence, insanity, and friendliessness. While reading the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes one often gets to experience Holmes' Bohemian soul. He is often deducing, doing drugs or both simultaneously. His character is very real and his loneliness makes him seem relatable. How does Ian Fleming’s, James Bond: Goldfinger compare and contrast to Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in terms of conflict, characterization and perspective?
    Goldfinger begins with Bond sitting on an airplane and waiting to return to London. The flight was delayed so Bond was stuck in the airport. Bond just so happens to bump into Mr. DuPont, a man that Bond is acquainted with. Mr. DuPont asked for assistance from Bond in a mystery he was trying to solve. Mr. DuPont had been playing cards with a man named Goldfinger and Goldfinger would keep winning. Later Bond would find out that the man was a cheat. Bond demanded Goldfinger buy him plane tickets back to London and the Goldfinger give all the won money back to Mr. DuPont. Bond went back to London headquarters and he instantly did research on Auric Goldfinger. Ironically Bond had been given a new assignment on the man. The Bank of England had found out that Goldfinger had been illegally smuggling large amounts of gold across major borders. Bond then further acquainted himself with Goldfinger by joining him in a game of golf. Goldfinger then invited Bond to dinner at his house. On the night of the dinner Goldfinger told Bond that he would have to step out for awhile. Bond took this opportunity to snoop around the house....


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