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Alien Character Table

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A L I E N   - character information

|Character name:                   |Description of physical attributes and personality|Description of what motivates the character           |Describe how this character ‘drives’ or impacts on|Which sci-fi/horror stock role is this       |
|                                 |of character                                       |                                                       |the narrative                                     |character most like?                         |
|Character name:                   |She is masculine in a way, because of the way she |Her main motivation is surviving and the wellbeing of |Protagonist, she is the main character of the     |                                             |
|Ripley                           |follows her orders well, and also because she is   |the rest of the crew, towards the end of the movie her|movie, she survives through all the complications |                                             |
|                                 |very brave,                                       |only motivation is to survive because the rest of the |in the end                                         |                                             |
|                                 |                                                   |crew are dead,                                         |                                                   |                                             |
|Character name:                   |The alien is black and shiny in colour, the size   |Killing the humans                                     |                                                   |                                             |
|Alien                             |of him is larger all the humans. Whenever he is in|                                                       |                                                   |                                             |
|                                 |a scene, there...


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