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The Art of Theatre

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Theatre is one of the most favorite artworks in Surakarta. It is shown by the enthusiasms of people to watch the performance of theatre and the growth of theatre groups that have increased lately. There is a difference between play/ drama and theatre. Play/ drama are a story that is written for actors to perform. So, it is one of the artwork of a theatre, while theatre can be defined as building with stage (place for the performance); building for film (place for watching movie; cinema); work (all the work of writing, acting in, and producing plays).   Theatre has been adapted to Indonesia many years ago. Before theatre come to Indonesia, theatre has been known in western country. The history of theatre is very long and so interesting to discuss. The earliest discover showed that in the 2000 BC, the oldest script of play is written by an Egyptian. Then, it has been growth years by years. The division of theatre according to the period is: Classic Greece Theatre (in 2300 BC) ; Classic Rome theatre (in 200 BC); Middle Age theatre (in 14-15 century, in Europe);   Renaissance period (in 17 century) ; Queen Elizabeth period (in 1576) ; theatre in Spain and France (in 17 century) ; Restoration theatre in Britain; 18 century theatre; the beginning of 19 century theatre; 19 century Theatre and realism; 20 century theatre.
The growth cannot be described as a single straight line, but it can be describe as a radial flow chart because it does not grow in a one place, but it spreads to almost all parts of the world. The growing or history of theatre can be described below.
The first discovery is that the drama script written by an Egyptian in the 2000 BC. The script is discovered by Rendra. The script was written by I Keer Nefert in the Ancient Egypt period about 2000 BC. I Keer wrote the drama script for the performance to be performed in the ceremony in Abydos that told about the fight between the Good God and the Bad God. The plot of the script is also portrayed on the...


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