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Team Directing

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Team Directing
We’ve all heard of or seen movies made by American Cinemas Top Directors. (I.e. Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Stanley Kubrick; Just to name a few) It was their sense of storytelling and visualization that captured our imaginations all throughout the latter half of the twentieth century but as our favorite directors have aged and some have passed on we have been left with a, nagging, new question in the 21st Century. Who will be the great directors of tomorrow? If you’re anything of a film aficionado you probably aware that the answer to this question is pretty subjective, but what you may not realize is there is a growing trend in Hollywood. Team directing! In the past 10 years collaborative directing has grown to prominence and today’s eclectic group of duos have brought a freshness and originality back to the silver screen. You may names already. I’m speaking of The Wachowskis, Farrellys, Reitmans, and last but not least the Coen Brothers. You may not know their names but I can almost guarantee you’ve seen one of their movies. Here’s a list of some of the move notable ones: The Matrix, V for Vendetta, There’s something about Mary, Dumb and Dumber, No Country for Old Men, Raising Arizona, Juno, and most recently, Up In The Air. The interesting thing about duos is that they all seem to specialize in a certain brand of movies. The Wachowskis for their action dramas. The Coens for their dark comedies. The Farellys for their slapstick comedies and the Reitman’s for their take on conversial subject matter. Although these teams of directors are very different in their approach to filmmaking surprisingly they share a lot in common. The most obvious of course is family ties. Father and Son, Brother and Brother, these teams seem to share the same vision as well as interests. Most of them have been involved with filmmaking/acting since their youths, were college bound, or graduated. Ultra talented these directors not only direct but also produce,...


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