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Song Project

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Brandi Robinson
English 11

Every year millions of children across the world are becoming innocent, helpless targets of atrocities. They are the sufferers of ill-treatment, exploitation, and brutality from parents or guardians. When the new millennium came it seemed to be as though times have changed. Misconceptions appeared such as depletion of hunger, and the decline in child abuse cases. For decades now neglect and abuse continues to be a common occurrence. The mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation would be referred to as Child Abuse (American Psychological Association, dictionary.com). Each year in the United States, more than 1000 children die as the result of abuse and neglect. Most of the victims were under the age of six. (By Adam Appleson) The American population knows that child abuse is an ongoing problem. In an attempt to let the world know how serious an issue this is many artists express their emotions through music. One example of a song that portrays child abuse would be Concrete Angel by Marina McBride
During the decade of 2000 there were many changes and problems that were going on. It could start off with little then progress into an event a lot bigger that shocked the world. For example the 9/11 terrorist attack in the year 2001. When the Twin Towers were constructed in the 1970s, the builders were granted some exemptions from New York's building codes. The exemptions allowed the builders to use lightweight materials so the skyscrapers could achieve greater heights. The consequences were devastating. (By Jackie Craven).   Not all things were an upset though. President Obama elected in the year 2009 was a strikingly symbolic moment in the evolution of the nation’s fraught racial history, a breakthrough that would have seemed unthinkable just two years ago. (Julie Bosman, John M. Broder, Jack Healy, Dalia Sussman, Ian Urbina and Jeff Zeleny contributed reporting.) This caused and...


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