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“Border Town” the Movie Essay

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“Border Town” the movie essay
In the dark gloomy border town of Juarez, Mexico, on the U.S. and Mexico border, thousands of young women working in American-owned factories are being raped and then brutally murdered. The movie “Border Town”, based on actual events, brings attention to this situation.   The movie was very eye opening to me because of all that happened in the town of Juarez. “Border Town” could have had better audio and sound quality. However, the actors and their excellent acting, along with the great back ground and scenery, helped the audience to understand the seriousness of this issue.
George Morgan, the editor of a Chicago newspaper, told reporter Lauren Adrian to go down to Juarez, Mexico, and write about what was happening. He tells her that she that she is going to report on all of the young, innocent women that are being raped and killed.   When she finally gives in and goes, she meets up with an old colleague of hers, Dias Alfonso, who owns a newspaper company in Juarez.   Together they start their struggle to find a 17-year old girl, Eva, who had been raped and left for dead but somehow survived the attackers.   They want to find her so bad because she is the only known survivor or the attackers. When they find her, Eva tells the reporters that she wants to find her attackers and put them in jail.   This ends up being more difficult than they could have imagined.  
In the second half of the movie, Lauren is trying to protect Eva and find her attackers.   They also are trying to have fun and relax without having to worry about being attacked.   At one point of the movie, they are at the same party where Eva’s attacker, but they could not do anything about it because he was being protected there.   That is how Lauren figured out who Eva’s attacker was.   Now all Lauren had to do was to figure out how to catch without getting killed herself.   She ends up going undercover as a worker at the plant that Eva worked at and did exactly like Eva did...


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