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Violentvideo Games

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Nowadays video games are very popular among young generation, because they are one of the largest entertainment ways in our society. This digital time spending is loved by millions of people all over the world, notwithstanding gender, age, and socioeconomic position. A recent study of children in their early ages found that nearly a third played video games every day, and that 7% played for at least 30 hours a week (“Video games: Cause for concern?”, 2000). Moreover, modern video games have become extremely violent, sexual, and obscene (Grand theft Auto, Starcraft, The world of Warcraft, etc.). Violent video games are the most widespread games bought, because the gaming industry today is a raising multimillion dollar industry. The stage to which this industry has grown is unimaginable. The strategies that applied to build the games, the graphics (e.g. blood), and the quality of sound (e.g. screams) all make them quite irresistible among the younger generation. Though there is certainly benefit, with simple enjoyment, violent video games promote the idea of violence among young people, therefore they should be banned.
    The most prominent benefit from such video games is that they are a good entertainment way. Everyone wants get some rest in their fast and busy life. Many years ago, when technology was not so progressed, people played only games like football, chess, etc. But now video games create an escape for the users, because people who come home from a long day at work, school or university can just relax and forget about some problems while playing.   Teenagers can have fun with their friends. Nowadays online video games are very popular and available to everyone who has an access to Internet. There are a lot of websites specially designed to satisfy the game lovers. Most of the games can be played entirely free of cost. Also gamers can make new friends, and even from another countries, who enjoy the same games. And some kids (e.g. invalids) can’t go...


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