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Children Crying - Essay

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Children crying
Parents that let their children cry to me are very mean. The reason I say that is that you let a child cry for a period of time then they are going to realize that you don’t care about them at all. I ran to my children everytime they cry because of being a new mom I wasn’t sure what was wrong with them. I want to let them know that I am there and I wil always be there for them. There is a old saying let your child because it is good for them, I think that is a bunch of bull. As I was reading the article about the crying and I agree with it. I do think that children knows when they are loved and hated.
The children think if they will cry a long time then you {as parents} would get up and check on them. If you igorne them they will come to think they would have to be good in order for you to pay attendion to them. For a example: my sister is a first time mom and to me and my mom we don’t think that my sister has it in her to be a good mom. Reason for that is because Lily is 3 years old and these ages you would want to know what she is doing asin devopling. All my sister does is scream at her for doing something that she shouldn’t be doing. She don’t spend much time with her at all. Truefully my mother is raising Lily for her , but my sister is get the praises for it and mom nothing be enjoyment of being with lily.
All in all I think we as parents sure comforted our children when they cry and reasure them that we will always be here for you. We set a example for our children they learn from us. We want them to grow up to have good values and morls. I have two boys and my oldest one has never as long as he was growing up around children his age. That was the biggest mistake that I made with him. To this day he will tell you that he is older than 13.
Parents don’t need to ignore their children. They need the love and support from you because the first coupleof weeks or months this is where the trust comes in to action.


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