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Am I Different

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Timothy Alexander
Mrs. Congo
English 093
November 30, 2009
Am I different because I am in a wheelchair rather than someone who is walking? The answer is NO. I can do the same things as a person walking but differently. At the end of the day, one will walk and one will roll, but there is still something that’s different. These three factors make us different and they are accessibility, self -image, and dating.
Self- image will be your second important factor. However, while walking your self -image is not that serious to you because your body seems to be perfect. Having a self image while you are in a wheelchair could either make you or break you. I say this because you will have to see if you are comfortable with yourself not worrying about will life accept you. Nevertheless, with walking you will not have to worry about anyone looking at you differently. Whereas for being in a chair, people stare at you like you are nothing. This is what makes your self- image feel as though you are nothing.
Dating however, will be your third factor. It is harder for you to get girls because they have a misunderstanding of who you are. They believe you cannot be there for them as well as please them physically and mentally. So that would make it harder to date, because they would feel you have to plan the whole day ahead, rather than just going with the flow. Dating however could be your downfall because you are going to run across that person who is willing to be there for you but at the same time it will be something different for that person. So all in all dating is something that everyone dreams about, but for me it is something I dream and think about, because I am the same person as everyone else, the only thing different they walk and I roll.
As I close, I have identified the difference of accessibility, self-image, and dating. Theses main factors show a big difference between people who are walking rather than rolling. Only you can determine who can...


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