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War of the Worlds

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What is the diiference between movies and books?Well u might not notice it but there are alot of differences.War Of the Worlds the novel written by H.G. Wellsand the movie directed by Steven Spielberg. My personal oppinion i like the movie better because it is alot easier for me to understand.therefore the movie is also much more exciting.

"War between men and maggots" a very unusual quote but what does it mean?What it means is the invasion of these aliens and us fighting back is like nothing to them.Such as in the movie when we move in a couple of tanks and helicopters and one of the tripods knocks them all out without even being harmed.I like this example the best because it makes the most sense.  

"They are coming" such a simple quote but is it realy or is it something much more bigger?Such as invasion and death.What this means is the invasion is beggining.Such as in the movie when we first spot the first object or when the first tripod emerges.I prefer this quote because it is realy showing an invasion is starting.  

"The chances against anything man like on mars are a million to one."A unusual quote but what does it mean?What this quote means is there is a very little chance that anything is living on mars.They were wrong though because there obviously was something living on mars something very intelligent as you can read in the novel.I realy like this quote because it's showing anything can realy happen.  

Therefore through analyzing the novel and the film i have come to the conclusion that indeed the film does a better job of telling the story.I feel movies are better than novels because instead of you actualy having to picture it in your mind from the novel the movie actualy gives a picture for you with motion therefore making it easier to understand.


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