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Honduras was an important part of Mayan history because the city of Copan was in western Honduras. The Spanish granted Honduras it’s independence in 1821.Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Honduras joined the the allied nations on December 8, 1941. During the 1980’s the United States established a very large military presence in Honduras with the purpose of supporting the anti-Sandista Contras fighting Nicaragua and to support El Salvador in fighting the FMLN guerrillas. In 1998 a hurricane turned 50 years of progress into reverse. The hurricane killed of 70% of crops and 70-80% of infrastructure. The loss was estimated to be $3 billion USD.
The flag of Honduras is composed of 3 equal horizontal stripes,with the upper an lower ones being blue and representing the Pacific Ocean. The central stripe is white and has 5 stars representing the 5 states of the Central American Union. The middle star represents Honduras. The national anthem is a result of a contest held in 1904 during the presidency of Manuel Bonilla. The anthem is of a choir and 7 stroonduran. The national flower is an Orchid. The tree is the Honduras Pine. The mammal is the White-tailed Deer. The national bird is the Scarlet Macaw.
Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The temperatures can be tropical in the lowlands and temperate in the mountains. Honduras consists mostly of mountains but there are narrow plains along the coast.
The economy has been growing slowly but there isn’t very much wealth in Honduras. The currency of Honduras is the Lempira. One dollar is equal to about 19 lempira’s.
Transportation in Honduras consists of the following infrastructure: 699 km of railways; 13,603 km of roadways 112 airports most are unpaved.


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