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Generation Ground Zero

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What will become of this generation? The kids have gotten lazier, dumber, technology is promoting a slower, weaker breed of people, and everybody is clearly spending their money on the wrong things(big screen TV's, war, the Olympics), things we dont need. Our humanity has adopted narcasism, and life has became a fashion show.
The plane has headed into a nose dive and with this generation, we will hit terminal velocity.
I've worked at McDonalds for almost 3 years, and everyday the window slides open and i hand out the greasy, MSG infested 100% pure beef to the unhappy horde of hungry people. No thank you's, no praise, they are just here to feed and return to their holes. Whats worse is they never stop coming.
Then their is Don, Don's generation has gone. He is what you'd call a regular at McDonalds, every day he comes with a smile, and orders two senior coffee's with a shot of cream in each, but whats special about Don is his consideration. Always trying to make the workers smile or laugh, he has a kind heart. So howcome their are so few people like this. Last night for example I worked until 5am. Two obviously drunk teenagers(dont even get me started on drinking) are blantently yelling at each other in lobby. So I ask one to leave, and   she starts yelling at me! Nothing will calm her down. Not until I call the police. Our world has become quick-tempered and bitter.
People wake up.
The adolecence wont open their eyes, they are stuck in an ugly dream called high school. High school didnt used to be a dreadful place, some crazy nightmare. Our new youth, us degenerates, we take the beautiful things like our bodies, our society and our environment and twist them. We use drugs, we promote violence, we are the penicle of disaster. Their are good hearts though, yet many become tainted and turned because of the large majority of people that are unhappy, and want to make the happy people feel the way they do. Commiting crime and drinking as much alcohol as they...


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