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The Pain in Love

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What some people don’t realize these days is that, everyone’s mind functions a lot differently. What some people consider rude, others consider considerate. What some people consider offensive others consider playful. What some people may consider right most would consider terribly wrong. In the mind of certain individuals anger can be a difficult emotion to let out. Some bottle their emotions while others choose to think impulsively and unclear. When dealing with someone who is having difficulty expressing their feelings, tension could escalate and violence may occur. Violence may occur in many different forms but for now, let’s talk about abuse. Unfortunately I must admit that I have been a victim of teen dating abuse. Although it may not seem too important in the eyes of a victim, teen dating abuse is a very serious matter. Even if you try and let go after having it go on for so long, there are many psychological struggles that stay. Dating violence is a pattern of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that occurs in a dating relationship. About ninety-percent of the time abuse occurs as part of a cycle. This cycle includes a tension-building stage, a violent episode, and a calm stage. A tension building stage is when one of the partners shows aggression, acts jealous and aggressive, and has unpredictable mood swings. This leads up to the violent episode where they cause injury to the other partner and get very physical even by breaking possessions. Afterwards they go through a calm stage where they apologize for hurting the other, attempt to buy them gifts for forgiveness, and constantly make promises that the violent episode will never happen again. I sadly went through this and kept quiet for more than a year for fear of ever getting the one person who cared about me in trouble. As naive as a fifteen year old can be, there were several times where his mind games had me thinking that I actually deserved being treated the way I was. He mentally isolated me by...


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