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Modern technology has made it possible for people to view exhibitions at home so museums and art galleries will disappear soon.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
It is a well-known fact that modern technology is advancing at a staggering speed in present-day society.Yet at the same time,people are divided over whether to check exhibitions out at home or at museums and art galleries.
There is no denying that visiting exhibition halls in real can bring visiters the first-hand experience. For one thing, travelers will acquire multi-sensory experience when they are in the museums or art galleries.Thus,they can not only view exhibitions and listen to the person-to-person instructions,but also can feel a vast number of bogus models physically.Moreover,the art circumstances are a magnet for art lovers to gather around.More specifically,they can communicate with each other in terms of painting,sculpture,music nd even architecture. Finally,these exhibitions in museums and art galleries are cultural heritage of our ancestors—that is to say the process of viewing exhibitions in real is a way of admiring our time-honoured history.
But some other people would disagree.It may be true increasing more individuals choose to have a look at exhibitions a home rather than going outside.The main reason for their view is obviously that the fees of these tourist spots are so high that a host of families can not afford them.But I would say this does not sound very convincing since a new law has been established that museums and art galleries are free for seniors and kids permanently.
On the basis of the above factors,my conclusion is exhibition buildings will never disappear.More importantly,I am convinced that adults would be well-advised to take their elderly people and children to visit these tourist attractions in their leisure time.


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