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Hamlet Essay Draft

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In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” was written in ______.   Hamlet proves to be his own greatest enemy and always in battle against himself and his thoughts.   It is through Hamlet’s soliloquies that these assumptions become apparent. Hamlet proves to have a flawed mind in which he can’t escape. Hamlet ponders over his thoughts until he has convinced himself to be weak and unworthy of fulfilling out what he has set out to do.
ACT I.2.129
In Hamlet 1st soliloquy suffers from a depression as he rants, “O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into dew.” Hamlet is showing the need for his own body to dissolve and turn into something fresh and new, just as a morning dew. Hamlet is mad at himself for not understanding why his father has died and his mother and his mother is overly in love with his uncle now king so fast. Hamlet cries out “Let me not think on it” (145), yet he cannot ponder over his thoughts making himself more dismal. Hamlet son find himself feeling week and unworthy when he describes himself as the opposite of Hercules. Hamlet perceives Hercules as a very strong man and himself to be weak and insufficient.
ACT II.2.479
This is Hamlets 2nd soliloquy and again he is feeling weak and unworthy. “O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I.” (179)   Hamlet relates himself to as lowly as a farmer’s slave. He is so low or he would not be able to have such feelings for the Hecuba story. Hamlet feels as though he has no authority in his family. He is mad at himself for not being able to express his concerns for something as important as his father’s death. Hamlet convinces himself once again he is a coward and lacks the gall to carry out his dead father’s request to kill his uncle. To buy himself some more time, Hamlets decides to have the actors rein act the death of the king in hopes that it will show if his uncle is REALLY guilty of the crime set forth on him by the ghost of his father. Once he sees the guilt of...


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