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Human Behaviour- What Shapes Human Behaviour

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Human Behaviour
        Several components shape the human behaviour. Behaviour can be traced back to infancy. Humans’ personal standing point, what humans think is right, wrong and appropriate at the point in time, change the way humans react to a situation. Values change the way humans see a situation. Humans are surrounded by their peers, family and friends on a daily basis. The surrounding’s change the human thought, and overall moods, as they interact with each other. Human’s reenact what goes on with the media, manipulating humans beliefs and thoughts. Social networking has influenced our behaviour by manipulating our values, peers and the media.
      Teaching and human observations of parents, teachers, religious leaders and others manipulate our values and beliefs ever since humans are born. Humans look up to those who have more power and those around them, humans guide others in the right direction, or in some cases guides them in the wrong direction. Our values are manipulated threw the surrounding humans. The way humans speak, and how they act in certain situations has everything to do with who taught humans their values and beliefs. Parents, childcare workers need to realize that they are shaping the child’s beliefs and values for their adulthood.
      The people, who humans are around daily, shape the way humans see a situation. Peers can influence our decisions called peer pressure. Human surrounding has a great influence on behaviour. Humans trust the people they choose to be around, versus the humans they are forced to be around, such as family. Humans feel more comfortable talking about certain situations to their friends, other than family members. Peers have a say in a human decision, as these humans think they have to do what the friend decided,as it’s all about fitting in. Humans tend to follow there peers actions. Peers influence our decisions and thought as humans look for input and advice from peers.
    Media is the overall human...


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